Helps you quickly analyze campaigns effectiveness, increase customer’s repurchase intention!

Don’t worry about clerks may in a rush when customers come in the store. You can use the scanner to quickly scan the pass from customers with Pass2U Checkout Service website, app, phone or pad. Once merchant log in Pass2U Checkout account, you can see those passes directly, all checkout record will be stored in this account. Don’t bother about the mistakes from the manual calculation, or miss the record for customers.
Now get in Pass2U Pass Issue account, the merchant can create many Checkout accounts with main management account for different sub-stores, no more messy checkout record due to own many sub-stories. For example, merchant created an account for store A and another account for store B, For clerks of store A, they can review checkout record clearly in Checkout account. Meanwhile, Pass2U make it easier for clerks and merchants to manage the record for customers in the store and make sure the record is from A store or B store in Pass2U Pass Issue account.

Pass2U Checkout Service can authorize campaigns and Checkout accounts for merchants who are cooperating with partners. For example, cafe stores and bakery stores, they can have a campaign with buying one free one for the same group of customers. It does not only make the pass brings more cooperation opportunities but also increase purchase rate brings customer intention.
As a result, by using Pass2U Checkout Service, the digital pass can include different types of campaign or service for one digital pass, not only used for one-time campaign or service for customers. For example, when customers buy the passes from merchants, once showed to clerks it can be used for multiple redemptions such as hot spring, massage, gondola, museum..., all of them are included in the passes. Such examples present the feasibility of enriching promotions with creativity, while customers’ requests are fulfilled and bring a lot of opportunities.

Besides, Pass2U Checkout Service offers you data analysis and let you know customers come from media channels. By this way you can add the tracking code at the end of Pass2U pass-generating link, placing the pass-generating link with campaign information in your fan page, official website, App, or converting it into QR Code in DM, front of stores, or outdoor board. Customers can show the pass and redeem in store after they clicked the pass-generating link or get a digital pass by scanning. You can directly aware where the passes are redeemed and from which media channel, no longer worrying about the marketing performance of campaigns. It grows your whole marketing benefit, promotes your marketing campaigns, keeps your consumers, and knows more about which media channels your customers’ favorite.

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Using collect to attract customers and increase their loyalty has hit for a long time. Though paper cards or plastic cards are cheap, for business, they do not know who has them and their customers always forget and lose them. It sounds the traditional plans still can not help us better.